I, too, believe I have been scammed into signing up for something that doesn't exist.I found the add to purchase a repo or foreclosed house in the Carroll County Pennysaver.

It said all you need is $1.95 for S/H to preview the booklet. Then it would be $14.99/mo. to renew. However, I contacted a real estate agent friend and she told me she never heard of such a thing, and that it was probably a scam.

I have tried to cancel, but they put me on hold indefinitely, so now I am forced to cancel my card. Anyway, why would anyone need this very small booklet if you can access it on the web. Upon accessing it on the web, the user name and password I was given doesn't work.

Never, ever, do something if it looks too good to be true, no matter how cheap.

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I could write a book about this outfits shennanigans in their Austin call center that I was employed at for four agonizing months.These are the same bunch of crooks that started Bargain Network, led by Pirate In Chief, Christian Hunter.

When they got rich, and got into trouble in California, they high-tailed it to Texas. I was homeless and sleeping on the streets when I saw the ad. My first day on the floor threw up all kinds of red flags. Customers not able to login to the website, complaints of getting double charged, etc.

All, non-sales calls were directed to "Member Services". We as reps were'nt even given access to the website because that might prompt us to "give away too much". Just stick to the script and get the credit card number, screw everything else. Every day off was spent desparately looking for another job, which I luckily found, about 1 month before they hit the local news after several employees began complaining of not getting paid.

As I understand it, they have reopened as "Auction Agency". So they'll be stealing more money, until they get caught again, close down, and reopen somewhere else under a different name. That's what they do best.

Research folks.The companies you deal with, and work for.


I guess I found the loophole.most of these companies expect you to forget so i write down the cancellation number and the date i need to cnx by (which is usually a week before they charge my card) I did this with foreclosure agency.

It was supposed to be $29.99 a mth after the trial period. I called to cancel using number they gave for cancel of service(had no problem getting someone) and they let me stay on free for another month, when i called again to cnx at the end of that month, i got the same results, when i finally said, i really didnt want it, they offered to give me the entire year for the one charge of $29.99. I accepted, kept intouch with customer service, (they were very helpful, i just wasnt really ready for the process) they showed me how to look up houses on their site, (house lookup wasnt very user friendly but works) they also explained to me that they could help me with any foreclosure (didnt have to be from their site) or their rent to own processed, so i continued to use my one of my favorite free sites like bidselect.com and planned on calling when i was ready. that was last year.

one comment was right, i only got 1 list by mail until i called them and asked about it. then they started to send them monthly. now I am finally ready to get started but cant contact them. because of all the help i received last year, i was 100% ready to use them for help with house i have chosen.

I'm only upset that it seems they are no longer in...

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They have since changed their name to Auction Agency. Please be aware, this company is a complete scam.


It isn't a foreclosure company, it is a credit card scam.They get your credit card number and keep charging it.

NEVER do business with a company you have not checked out thoroughly with the better business bureau etc.Beware of copies of websites of well known companies too.


I was told I would only pay 1.95 for a 10 day trial the next day I was charge $49.00.I try to get a hold of customer service but I am sure you know how it is.

After two hours on hold I had to cancell my *** card.Yea for me

Mississauga Valley, Ontario, Canada #60332

Did you get taken by Mullhofer or feldman law. if so let us know. Bad *** orange county takes in innocent people losing homes.


:cry I heard Foreclosure Agency add on the radio gave them a call to get a listing for 10 day trial for $9.95 and a debit for only $7.00 a wk and cancel at anytime.Brent said i would not even need it long and just cancel.

When i called to cancel after not receiving to info in the mail , Wow, they debited my acct for 29.95 twice in one day plus the $9.95. and said that i signed up for it. NOT TRUE!!! I told the guy dont sign me up for anything and he did.

Single mom looking for cheap listing. Come on its paper I would never PAY about approx.

$70 dollars for paper when the economy is so bad i can barely afford to live.I was mislead and scammed dont trust them at all!!!!!


The reality is that the former employee was actually terminated for misleading callers and charging their credit cards without authorization. As they said they had a hard time "closing deals" and therefore decided to mislead callers and obtain their infor in a fraudulant manner. The service is great and is just that a service, it provides instant access to current listings and also in an effort to help the sub prime caller even provides access to foreclosure lending partners for those people w/ bad credit and even bankruptcies. Thus giving the average american who is stuck renting the opportunity to own a home when a bank or real estate agent wont even give them the time of day.

But again you can't believe the words of a disgruntled employee that should have been charged w/ numerous counts of credit card fraud. On a side note those customers that were mislead by this former immoral employee were all refunded and given complimentary 1 year memberships w/ the program.

As always there is always a bad apple in each bunch, and unfortunately this disgruntled person is one of them.

We wish them the best of luck in the future endeavors!

Mississauga Valley, Ontario, Canada #39035

asset protection mullhofer foreclosure scam lost house and credit and mutual fund account, contact FTC and DEPT OF REAL ESTATE.


I am very happy with the service that is provided to our customers.Our customers have access to discounted properties and unlimited support from our member services team.

Naturally, real estate agents are unhappy about services like ours that provide home shoppers with a cheaper way to find a home.

They only work on commission so the last thing they want is to get someone into a home that is below mkt value, as this cuts into their earnings.Finding a home takes time, and unfortunately, some customers don't want to take the time, regardless of the oppt'y in front of them.

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